Boring and Milling Centre WHtec 130


Work spindle diameter mm 130
Work spindle speed range 1/min 10-4000
Rated output of main motor S1 Kw 37/46
Rated torque on spindle S1 Nm 3200
X – Transversal table mm 2000, 3000, 4000
Y – Vertical head mm 1600, 2000, 2500
Z – Longitudinal column mm 1600, 2000, 2500
W – Axial mm 800
Table dimensions mm 1800×1800, 1800×2200, 1800×2500
Max. workpiece weight Kg 20000
X, Y, Z mm/min 36000
W mm/min 20000

• The layout of these machining centres is based in a T configuration with a central chassis structure with linear guides that makes it more dynamic which makes these machines perfect for machining aeronautics parts, moulds or complex shapes that require high machining feed.
• The machining centre can reach 36 m/min because of the size of its linear guides with 3 m/seg2 acceleration. The rotation of the table can become another machining axis because it’s controlled by 2 motors in a master-slave system that makes possible high torque with high precision. It has a useful load capacity up to 25 Tn with a range of surfaces that can be adapted to every client’s needs.
• The flexibility of its configuration comes from the possibility of integrating several kinds of heads with the 130 diameter rod that rotates at 4000 RPM with 3200 Nm of torque.
• The heads can be loaded through an automatic head manipulator and the changes can integrated into machining processes. Among the available heads there are continuous positioning heads, heads with millesimal positioning every 0.001º x 0.001º, clevis type heads with electro-spindle and a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of every client.