Lathe ECHEA Ø 1600 x3.000mm

Lathe ECHEA Ø 1600 x3.000mm
Technical features


Distance between centres mm 3.000
Bed width mm 670
Loading capacity without steady rest Kgs 7500
Loading capacity with steady rest Kgs 9000
Loading capacity at 300mm Kgs 2500
Ø over bed mm 1.600
Ø over cross mm 1.300
Ø over gap mm 2.000
Ø Spindle mm 163
24 Speeds (2 ranges) rpm 3-660
Taper tailstock Nº 6
Motorized charriot


1 Steady rest Ø 425mm
Chuck: 4 indp. jaws Ø1.200mmx145mm thickness with 4 extensions


Retrofitted machine:
–         Guides grinded
–          Machine painted
–          New eletrical box
–          RD1215/97


Conventional lathe ECHEA with 1,600mm diameter over bed and 3,000 mm between centres. ECHEA lathe with motorized charriot. Second-hand machine under retrofitting: guides grinded, machine painted and new electrical box.

Used conventional lathe equipped with 1 steady rest and chuck with 4 independent jaws.

This second hand ECHEA parallel lathe is in our stock and available for immediate delivery.

If you are looking for a used conventional parallel lathe, please contact us. We will offer you a machine that suits your needs at the best price. Request a quote.

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