WeleWele is a taiwanese manufacturer specialized in the production of high precision and quality machinery. Its foundation in 2007 combined the most prestigious technicians in the world in taiwanese machine tools with the support and technique offered by the japanese group Toyota, which is part of the automobile group Toyota and owns 37% of the company. The result is a young company with a lot of experience, joining the advantages of youth with the expertise knowledge. Group Wele is therefore looking for excellence and wants to be a long term partner with their customers.

From the produced ranges we outline:

  • Bridge milling machines:
    • Double column bridge milling machines, with the possibility of incorporating 5 continuous axis heads.
    • Gantry milling machines
    • Multifunction milling machines, incorporating versions with hydrostatic turning table.
  • Machining centers
    • Gantry-type machining centers: ideal for casts, with the gantry and columns casted in one piece.
    • Vertical machining centers.
    • Horizontal machining centers, with pallets from 500mm to 1000mm, inheriting all the knowledge from group Toyota.
    • 5 axis machining centers, highlighting the UA model, specially designed for aeronautic machining.