Centros de Mecanizado

vtec-normalVisionWide is a Taiwanese manufacturer of Milling Bridge Machines, 5-axis Milling Machines and Gantry Machining Centers represented in Spain by Maquinaria Marquez. It’s pointed as one of the best manufacturers of Milling Bridge Machines concentrating all its development and production in improve its products and reaching one of the highest levels of quality and productivity, receiving numerous awards along its history.

Maquinaria Marquez implements and maintains these machines, guaranteeing an important level of reliability. The range of these machines reaches a group with lineal guides, SF series, NF and VH or with prismatic guides, VB and VF. Also, 5 axis Kessler heads machine from 1600 to 3500mm between columns, with different work heights and an extensive range of spindle options, with gearbox transmission, with pulley-motor, integrated spindle or electro-mandrel.
Regarding the heads, VisionWide manufactures its own head, ensuring a high level standard.

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