varnsdorf_tos_logoTOS Varnsdorf boring and milling machines and machining centres.

TOS Varnsdorf is a Czech manufacturer of high performance boring machines, moving column milling and boring machines and machining centres whose scope and renown are global because they’ve been manufacturing boring machines for more than 100 years.

Maquinaria Márquez is their exclusive representative in Spain and Portugal and also manages the Czech Technical and Commercial Service Centre for Latin America and provides a link and assistance between the clients and manufacturer. Especially in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.

Boring – Moving column milling machine where we have a light range for those with basic machining needs, WRD model 13, a middle range with a spindle diameter of 130 mm or 150 mm for high production use and a heavy duty range with a 170 mm spindle diameter and 200 mm linear guides and hydrostatic guiding.

Boring machine – Cross table milling machine, especially the classic WHN 13, of which more than 2300 units have been sold since 1970, and that series by series, has incorporated every technological advancement, which makes this boring machine the best investment in terms of price to quality. The WHR 13, which has RAM, is built on this model.

Multi-tasking machining centres. In an effort to stay at the forefront of technology, TOS Varnsdorf also manufactures boring centres with 40 m/min feed, the possibility for turning, automatic head loading system and continuous rotation heads that can meet any machining need however demanding.

Rotating roto-traversing tables, squares, floor plates. Tos Varnsdorf tries to manufacture the majority of the critical components in its boring machines from the boring bar, tool loaders, its own automatic heads and it also manufactures its own rotating tables with a load capacity up to 80 Tn and squares and floor plates. These elements can be sold separately for installation in any machine.

TOS Varnsdorf Technical service. For Maquinaria Márquez, technical service is one the requirements that a machine needs most and that’s why we pay a lot of attention to it and always try to make our customers be our best salespeople. We also have a spare parts department that helps keep downtime short for boring machines.