Rotary tables

TOS Varnsdorf rotating tables

TOS Varnsdorf rotating tables



MODEL S-80 S-50
Load capacity Kg 80000 50000
Table dimensions mm 3500x35003500x40004000x40004000x5000 3000x30003000x35003000x4000
Transversal course (V) mm 2000, 3000,4000 1500,2000,2500,3000,3500

TOS Varnsdorf rotating tables are known for their high load capacity and strength. TOS Varnsdorf manufactures its own rotating tables and has models that range from 16 Tn to 80 Tn. In all cases, rotation is controlled using a crown with a large size angular contact crossed roller bearing. This system guarantees precise rotation and provides a long useful life with minimal maintenance. In the S30, S50 and S80 models, the table rotation is controlled with a system of 2 servomotors with high precision reducers working in tandem (master-slave), which avoids excess play and maximises precision. At Maquinaria Márquez, we can provide tables individually and adapt them to your machines. Contact us for a free consultation.