WRD 170 Heavy moving column boring-milling machine

Mandrinadora WRD 170 Tos Varnsdorf


X – Column longitudinal travel mm 5000-29000, in sections of 2000
Y – Headstock vertical travel mm 3000-6000, in sections of 500
Z – RAM stroke mm 1500
Tool-holding slide diameter mm 550×550
Work spindle diameter mm 170
W – Spindle stroke mm 1000
Main motor power  S1/S6 Kw 71/88
Work spindle speed range 1/min 10-2200
Torque on spindle  S1/S6 Nm 3870/4800
X mm/min 16000
Y,Z,W mm/min 12000

• TOS Varnsdorf, Czech manufacturer of milling-boring machines and represented in Spain and Portugal by Maquinaria Márquez, is aware of the constant evolution of the WRD 170 model.
• The characteristics of this machine are: machining height up to 6 metres, rod diameter 170 mm with 1000 mm output, 550 x 550 RAM with 1500 mm output and a main motor with 71 kW of power. Its large base with 3 guides and a reinforced column means you can machine parts at full power and guaranteed precision.
• With the wide variety of heads you can do boring as well as milling. Among the wide range of heads manufactured by TOS, of special note are the constant rotation twist head activated by the machine’s rod and the automatic rotation universal head with millesimal positioning.
• The heads can be changed automatically through a pick up with up to 4 positions that, alongside the automatic tilting tool changer, makes it possible for the machine to do a lot of jobs by itself, which increases the performance of the machine. There are also remote vision machining solutions that make monitoring easier.